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Because nothing inspiring is flawless or perfect. It's in the failures, the experiments, and the unique that I find the greatest joy.

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January 2012 - Cover Story

IVC = QVC a la Italian Vogue

Shot by Steven Meisel

Makeup Pat McGrath

Hair Jimmy Paul

Styling of Models by Karl Templer

Styling of Michelle Harper by Michelle Harper

* with hat once worn by Marisa Berenson for her iconic Vogue cover - and now part of my millinery collection. This was only known to me when someone showed me the image in her book! What a lovely surprise!

When I saw Marisa and told her about the hat and discovery, she was so happy. I can’t wait to send her this funny image. Her cover is perfection, but I think she’ll get a kick out of this one too because of the story as a whole … 

* and i have no idea what that expression is in the last shot - it is as if i’m having some violent reaction to all those brown stripes… which in retrospect makes sense. I don’t think you would ever see me wearing a giant brown striped parka, unless it was in jest.


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